Simple Pleasures

Here’s to the signs of summer.

Inspired by a trip to Istanbul, our Summer 2020 collection evokes a longing for warmer, brighter days ahead and reminds us of the simple sensory pleasures they promise—the relief of a gentle breeze on your face, the lightness of linen grazing your skin, the warmth of sunshine flooding through an open window, the feeling of being barefoot in the grass and the coolness and texture felt with each step.


Now’s the time to reclaim these feelings and embrace a new kind of summer—one not measured by grand getaways, but by something a bit more personal.


We asked a few of our friends to share some of the simple pleasures they're surrounding themselves with as we look forward to the brighter days ahead. Join us as we step into their homes and take tips from their personal style as we take each day one by one and stay hopeful, grounded, calm, and looking forward.


Staying Groundedwith Caleb Wilson & Stella Simona


"Nature heals. The way her warm sun kisses our skin and her gentle breeze resets our souls."


Rediscovering Naturewith Amy Juliette Lefévre


"Now more than ever, I appreciate being in and enjoying nature. I am especially inspired by the desert and the natural vegetation that arises from such harsh weather. It reminds me that, even through the most difficult conditions, life and nature will continue and we will one day be together again."


Chasing the Sunwith Braina Laviena & Andrew Echeverria


“’Summer’s canceled,’ they say, but we can still smell the jasmine in the breeze. There’s wild bougainvillea spilling onto every street, and dappled light dancing on my shoulders wherever we walk. (Yes, walking is a thing in LA now.)

So is staying home and enjoying the stillness, following the sun from room to room. The whole city is drenched in gold; everything illuminated, everything in bloom. It’s nature’s way of breaking through to remind us that, while we may feel stuck, we still have the seasons to move us.”


At Homewith Lisa Przystup

Shop men's and women's linen. Shop men's and women's linen.

“I'm a compulsive shell collector (it's a problem). This arrangement lives on top of a dresser—for me, each shell represents a feeling of freedom and the simple joys of hearing the waves come in and out, feeling the sand give way underneath my feet, and the warmth of the sun on face.”


Your turn.

Join us @clubmonaco and show us the simple pleasures you're enjoying as we all look forward to the brighter days ahead with #CMSimplePleasures

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